Dairy, Beef, Calf, Sheep, Goat, Poulty, Swine, Equine and products in stock at really great prices.

  • 2" & 1 3/4" Gates in Stock today. Round Bale Feeders, Cattle & Swine Panels, Stock Tanks & much more

  • High Tensile Wire, Barbed Wire, Fencers

  • Union Shovel, Forks and tools

  • If you have horses, we are well stocked with everything you need. Wormers, supplements, grooming aids & tools, buckets, pails, hay feeders & nets.

  • EVERYDAY LOW PRICE ON WHITE PINE SHAVINGS... NEW SIZE & LOWER PRICE- 3.2 cu ft. $6.60 each, or purchase 6 or more and save... only $6.10 each.

    WILD BIRD DEPT. Many new unique feeders arriving weekly. Thistle feeders, peanut feeders, suet feeders, squirrel corn feeders, and many more. Three wild birdseed mixes, sunflower seeds or chips, peanuts, woodpecker foods, safflower, millet can be purchased by the bag or by the pound.
    Suet blocks are only 90 each! Bird blocks, books, thistle sacks and much, much more. We're bird crazy, and all of the store employees are bird feeders and watchers themselves.

    GREAT BUYS ON TOYS! Great Selection of Melissa & Doug toys in stock now. New PAPO farm & wild animals. Great fun, great price.... only $2,$3, & $4 each

  • Lots of toys and treats for Fluffy or Fido in stock now.

  • We are dog friendly and have lots of dogs come in to pick out their own favorites!

  • Bones, rawhides, huge knuckle bones, and lots more!

  • We carry a huge selection of collars & leashes.

  • Rabbit
  • Pierce Milling Rabbit food is made right here, fresh for your fluffy friends. We make a 16% rabbit pellet for general rabbit feeding, and also a 15% grower/fryer pellet.

  • Bedding, treats, cages & accessories, halters, and everything else thumper might need, plus lots of books to help you learn how to care for your rabbit. JUST IN A LARGE SELECTION OF LITTLE CRITTER CAGES AND SUPPLIES.

  • Food for your Hamster, Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rats & Ferret
  • treats, toys!

  • Stop in and take a peek, you'll be surprised!
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