Pierce Milling Inc., Delevan NY

50 Church St, Delevan, NY 14042

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Sat: 8am - 12:00pm
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Pet Products

Our shop has the pet products you need – from pet food to toys to pet treats!  Come see the large variety of pet supplies we carry.

Dog & Cat Products


We carry plenty of items for your furry friends!

  • Lots of toys and treats for Fluffy or Fido in stock now.
  • We are dog friendly and have lots of dogs come in to pick out their own favorites!
  • Bones, rawhides, huge knuckle bones, and lots more!
  • We carry a huge selection of collars & leashes.
Flee Treatment for Dogs





Don’t let the fleas get you down, we can help!!

Rabbit Products

  •  Pierce Milling Rabbit food is made right here, fresh for your fluffy friends. We make a 16% rabbit pellet for general rabbit feeding 100 lbs.$26.35 50 lbs.$7.15 and also a 15% Grower/fryer Meat Rabbit pellet 50 lbs. $12.25
  • Bedding, treats, cages & accessories, halters, and everything else thumper might need, plus lots of books to help you learn how to care for your rabbit.

Other Pet Products

  • Food for your Hamster, Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rats & Ferret
    treats, toys!