Feed FAQ

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked question concerning our feeds:

Where is your feed made?
All of our feed is manufactured right here in our mill in Delevan, NY,  just as it has been since 1944. Our mill is small and constantly churning out feed, meaning that our customers receive the freshest possible product.


Is your feed nutritionally balanced?
Absolutely! We work closely with an animal nutritionist and rely on our generations of feed making experience to guarantee nutritionally sound, quality feed. Our feeds are made with the same expert-formulated recipes each time to ensure that your animals are getting what’s promised, and what they need, time and time again.


Is your feed organic? Do you use non-GMO ingredients?
No, our feed is not organic, nor can we guarantee that our ingredients are non-GMO.


Are your feeds soy-free? 
No, most of our feeds contain soy. Soy is a significant source of protein and important amino acids. You’ll see soy listed as “plant protein products” on our feed tags, which may refer to soy or roasted soy.


Where do you get your ingredients from?
We try and source as much of our grain as possible from local farmers. Not only does it keep costs low, it supports our local community.


Do you use the same equipment for medicated feed and non-medicated feed?
In short, yes, however, after batches of feed like our heifer with bovatec, calf starter with deccox, or medicated sheep and lamb, the mill is flushed with an ingredient that is reserved for future batches of this kind of feed. There is also a great deal of attention paid to the order in which things are made. A significant amount of feed is produced between batches of our medicated feed and our feeds for sensitive animals (like horses or sheep) to ensure no cross-contamination. This is something we take very seriously and treat with a great deal of care and attention.

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