Prices listed below are for the 2021 planting season.

2022 prices coming soon! Expect significant increases.
Plan your plot for the 2022 planting season– check out this presentation from our seed supplier.


Build regular hoof traffic, improve herd health, and grow the deer you want to see with a food plot.

We offer a selection of bulk seeds, forage mixes, and prepackaged food plot mixes. We also sell fertilizers and lime— we’re your one-stop food plot shop!

Packaged Mixes

Available in the deer section of our store

Summer Fall & Winter | popular right now!

$3.50/lb   $170/50 lbs

6 lbs per acre

A premier annual brassica mix that will provide palatable tops for grazing & tubers deer will feed on in the late fall and early winter after a good freeze. Plant in full sun on well-drained soils, from mid-June until Sept 1. Seed at 6 lbs/acre into a firm seedbed. Brassicas are a very small seed and do not handle deep planting so it is important to roll the seedbed before and after planting. Fertilize at 300 lbs / acre with 19-19-19.


40% Dwarf Essex Rape 8% Appin Turnip
28% Improved Forage Rape 8% Pasja Hybrid Brassica
10% Improved Forage Kale 6% Swede

SOLD OUT | Trophy Buck

$1.50/lb   $72/50 lbs

75 lbs per acre

Score big with this late season mix. Blended to plant Aug 1 – Sept 15.

Fertilize with 300 lbs. 19-19-19/ Acre

Quick growing succulent plants that deer love, with some overwintering plants should be available for late winter or very early spring grazing. This is an excellent choice for those kill plots you want to hunt over.
Plant in full sun.

27% Winter Wheat
20% Winter Peas
20% Soybeans
2% Dwarf Essex Rape
16% Oats
1% Turnip

6% Annual Rye
6% Crimson Clover
2% Forage Brassica


Buck Chew

$1.25/lb   $60/50 lbs

60 lbs per acre

Quick growing annual forage mix that is perfect for the first-time plot in an area. Can be seeded in early spring, April through May, or late summer. If seeded in August, and not overgrazed, the high sugar content Italian ryegrass & crimson clover will overwinter. Seed at 60 lbs/acre with 300 lbs 19-19-19
at planting into a well-tilled seedbed. Seeding too deep will stop the clover from coming up.


32% Forage Oats 15% Italian Ryegrass
30% Triticale 3% Crimson Clover
20% Barley

Big Buck Clover

$5/lb   $245/50 lbs

20 lbs per acre

A blend of high-yielding protein-rich perennial clovers, and a touch of palatable chicory, suited for well-drained soils. Plant at 20 lbs/acre in a firm seedbed, rolled before & after seeding. Incorporate 300 lbs of 10-20-20 fertilizer per acre prior to planting. Fertilize annually with 250 lbs 10-20-20 for the life of it.

45% Jumbo Ladino Clover 
25% Gallant Red Clover 
20% Domino White Clover 10% Oasis Chicory

Game Bird Buffet

$2.25/lb   $110/50 lbs

20 lbs per acre

An annual mix of grain-producing seeds. Seed this mix from late May until July 4. It will grow to 3-5 ft tall with adequate soil fertility provide good quality feed and cover for all game birds, turkeys and deer through the late fall. Incorporate 350 lbs. 19-19-19 fertilizer before planting and seed at 20 lbs/acre in a well-tilled level seedbed. Roll after seeding. Ideal seed depth should be 1/2″ – 1″ deep.


25% Wildlife Grain Sorghum
15% Dwarf Corn

25% Dwarf Sunflowers
15% Buckwheat

20% Japanese Millet

Wildlife Meadow Mix

$4/lb   $78/20 lbs

20 lbs per acre

A resilient perennial mix with the ability to handle partial shade. Meadow mix is designed for small meadows and logging roads that need durable cover with little maintenance. It will provide food and habitat for diverse game birds & whitetails. Seed at 20 lbs per acre into a firm clean seedbed.
Fertilize at planting with 250 lbs of 15-15-15 per acre.

30% Jumbo Ladino 10% Creeping Red Fescue
30% Medium Red Clover 10% Duo Festulolium
15% Alsike Clover 5% Echelon Orchardgrass

Buck Forage Oats $36/50 lbs

New for August! Oats have been hard to get this year, but we have a limited selection of forage oats now available for fall planting.

“Buck Forage Oats attracting whitetails during hunting season is our highest priority. Attraction always comes first!! If attracting deer during hunting season is your goal, the Buck Forage Oats have no peer. But don’t take our word. We suggest strip planting Buck Forage next to any clover, blend, turnips, rape, and other planting and especially highly-advertised “super seeds.” Then, observe during hunting season for actual utilization. You’ll discover how Buck Forage earned it’s nickname “The Kill Plot”. “Oats always has been the preferred winter forage for whitetails. Now there is a brand (Buck Forage) that not only is preferred over other varieties, but also stands up to colder temperatures. I heartily endorse it!” Dr. James C. Kroll, “Dr. Deer”


Plant in spring or in August at 10 lbs. per acre alone or 6-8 lbs. in a mix

BIG BUCK CLOVER $5.00/lb Great blend of pre-inoculated clovers & six-point chicory 20 LBS PER ACRE.

GALLANT RED CLOVER $3.84/lb High yield & disease resistance for outstanding longevity.

MEDIUM RED CLOVER $2.54/lb Short-lived, excellent in mixes and for nitrogen.

JUMBO LADINO $4.32/lb Large leafed, high yields, more vigorous & faster growing than other white clovers.

WHITE CLOVER $3.70/lb Superior production, shorter in height than Ladino.

DOMINO WHITE CLOVER $4.30/lb Thrives in very cold conditions excellent for grazing.

CLOVER OVER $3.70/lb Mix of red, ladino & white clover. Quick growing. Perfect for over seeding.


DWARF ESSEX $1.50/lb A low-growing rapeseed that has high protein content excellent palatability can tolerate varying growing conditions. 4-8 lbs per acre alone or 2 lbs in a mix.

BONAR $4.20/lb A late maturing forage rape with short stems and large leaves for high forage yield & quality. 4-8 lbs per acre alone or 2 lbs in a mix.

TROPHY RAPE SEED $2.20/lb NEW short-season rape that produces more biomass than others while producing better quality forage. Plant in June or in late summer for a fall crop. 4-8 lbs per acre alone or 2 lbs in a mix.

Brassicas & Other Wildlife Seeds

OASIS CHICORY $6.30/lb perennial highly palatable helps extend the grazing season 15 LBS PER ACRE

T-RAPTOR $3.00/lb annual cross between forage turnip & rape. No bulb. Early maturing for 50-70 days of food 4-8 LBS      OUT OF STOCK


Plant early spring or mid-August through late summer. 3 lbs. per acre alone or 1-4 lbs. in a mix.

APPIN TURNIP $4.65/lb bred for fast, vigorous establishment and quick maturity.

PASJA $5.00/lb early maturing forage brassica bred for rapid growth & great summer forage; produces for a longer time.

PURPLE TOP $3.00/lb can handle hot dry growing conditions. Top bulb production. 

SWEDE $6.00/lb Plant in spring after temp reaches 50°. Great selection for grazing both bulbs & leaves are highly digestible.


GROUNDHOG RADISH $2.80/lb. 8-12 lbs per acre alone, 5 lbs per acre in a mix. Plant spring through September. A proven daikon type forage radish. Grows quickly with large lush leaves and huge bulbs. Grazes well. 


NEW! PENETRATOR RADISH $2.60/lb.  8-12 lbs per acre alone, 5 lbs per acre in a mix. Plant August-September. A true forage-type daikon radish with large taproot and superior penetrating ability. Features new genetics with improved rooting and delayed maturity. The best cover crop radish available today.


SOLD OUTCRIMSON CLOVER & RADISH MIX $2.10/lb. 15 lbs per acre. Can be planted with oats, winter rye annual rye at 10 lbs per acre. Seeding depth: 1/4″- 1/2.” 70% crimson clover, 30% penetrator radish. One of the most widely used combinations, excellent for relieving soil compaction and producing nitrogen. Fills a large area for a small amount of money.  SOLD OUT 


SUGAR BEETS $7/lb. Annual. 10 lbs per acre. Plant April through June. 45-60 days of food. Ideal for most food plots. Deer love the foliage and the roots. Can be planted in most soils, except acid.  

PREFERRED WILDLIFE FORAGE SOYBEANS $1/lb. $46/50 lb bag. Annual. 75-100 lbs per acre. Plant May-July. Produces a windfall of foliage for the deer they love it. Provides a good protein source in mid-summer. Great grazing. Plant it several times during the season to attract the most attention.

FIELD PEAS $2.50/lb. Annual. 50-60 lbs per acre. Plant April through September.  A legume planted for deer & turkey. Grows well in most soils. One of the easiest to grow.

DWARF FORAGE CORN $5.85/lb. 10-15 lbs per acre. Very short stature corn with low ear placement. Attractive to most wildlife. 

MOSSYOAK BIO-LOGIC SWEET CORN $5.00/lb. 15 lbs per acre. Plant May-early June with 200 lbs. per acre 46-0-0. Available by the bag as well– see our packaged mixes

BUCKWHEAT $.80/lb, $40/50 lbs. 50-60 lbs per acre. Fast establishing cover crop. Excellent for replenishing nitrogen in the soil. Bee attractant.

MARIS KESTREL KALE $7.40/lb. Annual. 4-8  lbs per acre. A leafy hybrid brassica with short stems and high digestibility rate. Plant in spring for late-season high protein grazing for deer.

Lime & Fertilizer

PELLETIZED LIME $5.75/40 lb. bag

PULVERIZED LIME $4.50/40 lb. bag

Fertilizer quantities and prices are subject to change. Please call to check current inventory or to purchase.

19-19-19 $15.60/50 lb. bag SOLD OUT

15-15-15 $18.40/66 lb. bag SOLD OUT

0-10-40 $18.40/66 lb. bag

6-24-24 $20.15/66 lb. bag  SOLD OUT

10-10-10 $14/66 lb. bag SOLD OUT

5-10-10 $12.50/66 lb. bag SOLD OUT

5-10-5 $11.70/66 lb. bag SOLD OUT

UREA 45-0-0 $12.50/50 lb. bag SOLD OUT