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Whether you’re starting fresh, or refreshing an old field or pasture, we’ve got the seed you need for the job. Seed is available by the pound or by the bag. All prices subject to change.

Hay Mixes
Annual Forage Crops
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Lawn Seeds

Get the most out of your seed with fertilizers and lime.


GALLANT RED CLOVER $5.50/lb      $255/ 50 lbs
High yield & disease resistance for outstanding longevity.
8-12 lbs/acre. Perennial.

MEDIUM RED CLOVER $3.75/lb      $187/ 50 lbs
Short-lived, excellent in mixes and for nitrogen.
8-12 lbs/acre. Perennial.

CRIMSON RED CLOVER $3.50/lb      $169/ 50 lbs
out of stock
Highly attractive and very nutritious annual that often reseeds if left uncut.
10-20 lbs/acre. Annual.

WHITE CLOVER $6.70/lb      $334/ 50 lbs       price updated 3/10/23
Superior production, shorter in height than Ladino, stands last many years.
5-8 lbs/acre. Perennial.

DOMINO WHITE CLOVER $5.50/lb      $262/ 50 lbs
White clover with improved winter forage ablility, great persistance under hard/rotational grazing.
10-14 lbs/acre. Perennial.

JUMBO LADINOS WHITE CLOVER $6/lb      $292/ 50 lbs
Large leafed, high yields, more vigorous & faster growing than other white clovers.
10-14 lbs/acre. Perennial.

ALSIKE CLOVER $4.30/lb      $213/ 50 lbs
Good in mixes on marginal & wet soils.
Not recommended for areas that will be grazed by horses.

CLOVER OVER $5/lb               $240/ 50 lbs
Mix of 60% medium red, 30% ladino, 10% white clover. Quick growing. Perfect for over seeding.
5-15 lbs/acre. Perennial.

MAMMOTH RED CLOVER $3/lb        $190/ 50 lbs
Large, fast growing. Offers ideal grazing. Can be sowed spring, summer or fall. Great choice for frost seeding; extremely cold hardy. Does well in most soils & growing conditions. 
5-15 lbs/acre. Annual.

Crimson Clover & Radish Mix 
$2.25/lb      $107/50 lb
70% crimson clover, 30% penetrator radish. One of the most widely used combinations. Excellent for relieving soil compaction and improving soil quality while providing excellent forage for deer.


ACC Truman      $5.40/lb        $297 50 lb bag

Has the unique ability to develop underground rhizomes and spread. Deep rooted with high survival rates in flood situations. Excellent companion with grasses in poorer drained fields. Candian bred with ecellent winter hardiness.
18-24 lbs/acre alone; 8-16 in a mix. Perennial.

NE Premium   
$4.20/lb         $209 50 lb bag

 Economical seeding for rotations of 3 years or less.
18-20 lbs/acre alone; 8-16 in a mix. Perennial.


Triple Threat   $4.70/lb        $235 50 lb bag

32.5% 4030 Alfalfa, 32.5% Reload BR Alfalfa, 35% NE Premium.

Premium performance alfalfa blend for variable soils that won’t break the bank. Combines high yielding varieties with unbeatable wet soil performance.
18-14 lbs/acre alone; 8-16 in a mix. Perennial.



Climax Timothy  $2.75/lb         $137 50 lb bag
Large first cutting, persists in adverse conditions
8-10 lbs/acre; 2-6 lbs in a mix. Perennial.

PS 2000 Medium Maturity $3.75/lb      $187 50 lb
Highest yielding, grow with alfala,red clover or trefoil mixes.
8-10 lbs/acre alone; 2-6 lbs in a mix. Perennial

Sunrise II Very Early Maturity $3.75/lb        $187 50 lbs
Rapid regrowth, use in aggressive cutting programs
8-10 lbs/acre alone; 2-6 in a mix. Perennial.

Sunset II Very Late Maturity      $3.75/lb   $187 50 lbs
Perfect with late maturing alfalfa & trefoil. Great summer performance
8-10 lbs/acre alone; 2-6 lbs in a mix. Perennial.





Crown Royal Orchardgrass $4.50/lb $224 50 lbs
Tried & true late maturing orchardgrass.  Increase tillering with less of a bunch type growth habit
18-25 lbs/acre alone; 4-8 lbs in mixes. Perennial.


PS Late Hull-less Orchardgrass  $5/lb $250 50 lbs
Super quality, faster germinating, works ideally with other grasses & legumes
12-14 lbs/acre alone; 6-8 lbs in a mix. Perennial.

Revive Orchardgrass Blend   $4/lb $200 50 lbs
New early maturing blend with earlier heading date & faster re-growth.  Higher yields for aggressive hay growers, improved disease resistance
18-25 lbs/acre alone; 4-8 in a mix. Perennial.








Nordic Trefoil $10/lb $494 50 lbs
For hay or pasture
10-13 lbs/acre alone; 3-10 in a mix. Perennial.




Payday Tetraploid Perennial Rye Grass  $3.50/lb     $174 50 lbs
25-38 lbs/acre alone; 4-15 lbs in a mix. Perennial.



Hay Mixes






40% climax timothy, 40% medium red clover, 20% alsike clover

$3.40 $169 22-25 lbs Perennial An economical mixture of grass and clover that can be used on heavy soils. Can be used for hay, haylage, or pasture. Should not be used for horses.


30% chewings fescue, 30% creeping red fescue, 20% hard fescue, 20% sideways perennial ryegrass

$5.30 $132 65 lbs Perennial Formulated with slow growing species of grasses to provide a low growing crop. Very economical to maintain compared to annual crops or bare soil. Reduces erosion, water and nutrient loss, also improves soil’s organic matter


30% duo festulolium, 25% payday tetraploid perennial ryegrass, 20% echelon orchard grass, 15% meroa italian ryegrass, 10% ladino


$4.00 $179.00 20-40 LBS PERENNIAL A premier mix designed for overseeding or frost seeding an existing pasture or meadow. Improves quality and yields of existing stands. Can be seeded straight for new stand establishment.

MEADOW MIX ATT $5.20/lb $259 50 lbs
50% 4030 Alfalfa, 35% Sunrise 2 Timothy, 15% Nordic Trefoil.
Recommended for variable drainage conditions. Sunrise establishes throughout the field, the trefoil takes over when the Timothy & Alfalfa thin out.
22 lbs/acre. Perennial. 

WET SOIL MIX $4/lb $200 50 lbs
25% Forage Tall Fescue, 25% Chiefton Reed Canarygrass, 20% Gallant Red Clover, 20% Sunset Timothy, 10% Trefoil.
Our highest yielding mix for wet or variable soils. Also produces quality forage on well-drained fields.
25 lbs/acre. Perennial.

HORSE HAYMAKER MIX      $4.00/lb      $193 50 lbs
50% PS 2000 Timothy, 20% Echelon Orchardgrass, 15% Filly Forage Kentucky Bluegrass, 5% Payday Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass Contains all fine stemmed, leafy species of grass for extremely palatable forage. Provides optimum nutrition for horses forage needs.
25 lbs/acre. Perennial.

HIGH CALIBER HAY MIX      $4.10/lb       $202 50 lbs
40% PS 2000 Timothy, 25% Echelon Orchardgrass, 25% 4030 Alfalfa, 10% Payday Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass.
Very palatable hay for all livestock.  Great for Alpacas.  Yields best in moderately drained soils.  For hay that stays greener in the summer.
18-25 lbs. Perennial.

KENTUCKY HORSE PASTURE MIX       $4.25/lb         $212 50 lbs
30% Payday Perennial Ryegrass, 20% Macbeth Bromegrass, 15% Filly Forage Kentucky Bluegrs, 15% Sunrise Timothy, 15% Echelon Orchardgrass, 5% Ladino clover
Forage Kentucky Bluegrass is leafier, taller growing & more vigorous than bluegrass used on lawns.  Produces lush spring & fall pasture.
24 lbs/acre. Perennial.


PERMANENT PASTURE MIX $4/lb $200 50 lbs
20% Echelon Orchardgs, 20% Greedale Fescue, 20% Duo Festulolium, 15% Sunrise Timothy, 10% PS Alfalfa, 10% Gallant Red Clover, 5% Ladino
Durable mix of improved grasses, alfalfa, & clover. Can be used for sheep, beef & dry cows.
22-25 lbs/acre. Perennial.


LOWLAND MIX $4/lb $200 50 lbs
35% greendale forage tall fescue, 20% gallant red clover, 20% PS 2000 timothy, 15% preval meadow fescue, 10% perennial ryegrass
Performance mix for wet and variable soils. Produces excellent forage, good drought tolerance
25 lbs/acre. Perennial.








Annual Forage Crops

ANNUAL FORAGE  CROPS per lb per bag lbs per acre

Cattleman’s Choice Sudan Sorghum

High yielding.  Vigorous growth. 50lb bag

$1.20 $53.00 50-65 lbs Annual

Energize 2 BMR Sudan Sorghum

High yielding, excellent digestibilty.  And into alfalfa stands at 45 lbs per acre.

$1.75 $82.00 50-65 lbs Annual

Japanese Millet 50 lb bag

Warm season annual crop commonly grown for mid season grazing & forage production.  Cattle find the forage palatable and it can be cut or grazed multiple times in a season

$1.10 $55.00 32-44 lbs Annual

Small Grain & Cover Crops

SMALL GRAIN & COVER CROPS per lb per bag lbs per acre

Austenson Spring Barley

2 Row feed-type Spring Barley with excellent grain yields.  Also works well for forage as a nurse crop with new seedings

$0.60 $26.00 120 + lbs per acre Annual

Cover Crop Winter Rye 56 lb bag

Hardiest of cereal grains, can be seeded late into the fall. Extensive root holding ability & weed supression

$0.50 $24.00 112-168lbs per acre Annual

Buckwheat 50 lb. bag

Cover crop or grain seeded in early summer.  Fast establishing great polinator crop

$1.50 $72.50 45-65 lbs per acre Annual

Maxum Field Peas 50 lb bag

Designed for the dairy & beef silage.  Vine length has been reported as long as six feet!

$1.50 $46.00 100 lbs per acre Annual

Haywire Forage Oats 48 lb bag

Large leaf Forage Oat. Exceptional digestibilty, the best feed quality available.

$1.00 $30.00 96-160lbs per acre Annual

Buck Forage Oats 50 lb bag

Winter hardy great fall & winter food source designed to provide more tender growth for a longer time

$1.00 $40.00 100 lbs per acre Plant Sept

GT1 Soybeans 50 lbs bag

Round up ready.  Tall, medium bushy plants.  High yielding with broad adaptability.

$1.50 $54.00 1.5 bag per acre Annual

Select Armor Oats 50 lb. bag

A productive medium maturity light yellow oat.  Very similar appearance to Ogle with better test weight & yield

$0.50 $15.00 100 lbs per acre Annual

Penetrator Radish 50 lb bag

Penetrator Radish is a true forage type Daikon Radish with a large taproot & superior penetrating ability.

Features new genetics with improved rooting & delayed maturity.  The best radish avaiable today

$2.75 $131.00 8-12 lbs per acre Annual

Ground Hog Radish 50 lb bag

A proven Daikon type forage radish.  Grows quickly with large, lush leaves & big roots.  Can be grazed as well.

$2.75 $131.00 8-12 lbs per acre Annual

Crimson Clover-Radish Mix 50 lb.

70% Crimson Clover 30% Penetrator Radish.  One of the most widely used combinations.  Excellent for relieving compaction

$2.25 $107.00 15 lbs. per acre Annual


Lawn Seeds

LAWN SEEDS per lb per bag manufacturer 

Conservation Mix

4 lbs for 1000 sq ft

$4.25 $212.00
50 lb bag
Seedway Perennial 25% creeping red fescue, 20% perennial ryegrass, 20% annual ryegrass, 15% tall fescue, 15% kentucky bluegs, 5% white clover

Conservation Mix    

6 lbs for 1000 sq ft

$4.00 $200.00
50 lb bag
Preferred Perennial 25% Tall Fescue, 20% Annual Ryegrass, 20% Timothy, 18% Creeping Red Fescue, 10% Perennial Rye, 3% Kentucky Blue, 2% White Clover, 2% Trefoil

Pro Landscape

Mix 6lbs 1000 sq ft

$4.25 $212.00
50 lb bag
Seedway Perennial 63% perennial ryegrass, 25% creeping red fescue, 10% kentucky bluegrass

Landscape Mix

7lbs 1000 sq ft

$3.75 $90.00
25 lb bag
Preferred Perennial 40% Annual Ryegrass, 25% Perennial Ryegrass, 25% Creeping Red Fescue, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass


February 2023 Update: Lime is in stock and available for purchase!

PELLETIZED LIME $6.50/40 lb. bag

PULVERIZED LIME $6.25/40 lb. bag


October 2022 Fertilizer Update: SOLD OUT for the year. Check back in the spring!

Nitrogen-Phosphorous- Potash Price per Bag  Bag Size Price per Ton
19-19-19 $28 50 $1095
15-15-15 $33 66 $970
6-24-24 $36 66 $1080
10-20-20 $31 66 $916
sold out
sold out
66 $800
5-10-10 $20 66 $600
UREA 45-0-0
sold out
sold out
50 $1105

prices as of 8/17/22