Fill your feeders for fall!

The birds are still busy eating the spoils of the summer season in the forests and fields but will soon be back at the feeders looks for seed!

 From feeders to birdbaths, seed to suet, we have everything you need to treat your feathered friends upon their return to your yard.

Suet blocks are only $1.00 each!

We’re bird crazy, and all of the store employees are bird feeders and watchers themselves so we are always here to help you!


BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER SEEDS: $30.00 50 lb. bag.

Aspen Song ULTIMATE BLEND wild bird seed mix $55.00 40 lb. bag.

Aspen Song CHOICE BLEND wild bird seed mix $47.00 40 lb. bag

Aspen Song SELECT BLEND wild bird seed mix $18.00 17 lb. bag.

Aspen Song WASTE FREE wild bird seed mix $25.00 15 lb. bag

Aspen Song FRUIT NUT BERRY woodpecker mix $40.oo 20 lb. bag

NEW MIX  North East Blend wild bird seed mix $18.00 20 lb. bag