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Lamb Chop Creep Feed 15%, Medicated, 50 lbs


formulated with Lasalocid for improved weight gain and control of coccidia in lambs

Textured feed

Protein (min) 15%

Fat (min) 4%

Fiber (max) 16%

50 lb bag

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: lasalocid sodium 15 grams per ton

CAUTION: may be fatal to horses or other equines if ingested

Ingredients: grain products, plant protein products, grain by-products, molasses products, calcium carbonate, salt, magnesium oxide, sodium selenite, monocalcium phosphate, vitamin e supplement, mineral oil, yeast culture dehydrated, magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium selenite, dry molasses, manganese sulfate, zinc hydroxychloride, manganese hydroxychloride, potassium sulfate, selenium yeast, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate, vitamin a supplement, vitamin d supplement, dried distillers grains, biotin, and ammonium chloride.