Plant in spring or in August at 10 lbs. per acre alone or 6-8 lbs. in a mix

BIG BUCK CLOVER $5.00/lb Great blend of pre-inoculated clovers & six-point chicory 20 LBS PER ACRE.

GALLANT RED CLOVER $3.84/lb High yield & disease resistance for outstanding longevity.

MEDIUM RED CLOVER $2.54/lb Short-lived, excellent in mixes and for nitrogen.

JUMBO LADINO $4.32/lb Large leafed, high yields, more vigorous & faster growing than other white clovers.

WHITE CLOVER $3.70/lb Superior production, shorter in height than Ladino.

DOMINO WHITE CLOVER $4.30/lb Thrives in very cold conditions excellent for grazing.

CLOVER OVER $3.70/lb Mix or red, ladino & white clover. Quick growing.

Brassicas & Other Wildlife Seeds

OASIS CHICORY $6.30/lb perennial highly palatable helps extend the grazing season 15 LBS PER ACRE

T-RAPTOR $3.00/lb annual cross between forage turnip & rape. No bulb.. Early maturing for 50-70 days of food 4-8 LBS


Plant early spring or mid-August through late summer. 3 lbs. per acre alone of 1-4 lbs. in a mix.

APPIN TURNIP $4.65/lb bred for fast, vigorous establishment and quick maturity.

PASJA $5.00/lb early maturing forage brassica bred for rapid growth & great summer forage; produces for a longer time.

PURPLE TOP $3.00/lb can handle hot dry growing conditions. Top bulb production.

SWEDE $6.00/lb Plant in spring after temp reaches 50°. Great selection for grazing both bulbs & leaves are highly digestible.



Plant May-June. 4-8 lbs per acre alone or 2 lbs in a mix.

DWARF ESSEX $1.50/lb A low-growing rapeseed that has high protein content excellent palatability can tolerate varying growing conditions.

BONAR $4.20/lb A late maturing forage rape with short stems and large leaves for high forage yield & quality.

TROPHY RAPE SEED $2.20/lb NEW short-season rape that produces more biomass than others while producing better quality forage.


SUGAR BEETS $7/lb. Annual. 10 lbs per acre. Plant April through June. 45-60 days of food. Ideal for most food plots. Deer love the foliage and the roots. Can be planted in most soils, except acid.

PREFERRED WILDLIFE FORAGE SOYBEANS $1/lb. $46/50 lb bag. Annual. 75-100 lbs per acre. Plant May-July. Produces a windfall of foliage for the deer they love it. Provides a good protein source in mid-summer. Great grazing. Plant it several times during the season to attract the most attention.

FIELD PEAS $2.50/lb. Annual. 50-60 lbs per acre. Plant April through September.  A legume planted for deer & turkey. Grows well in most soils. One of the easiest to grow.

DWARF FORAGE CORN $5.85/lb. 10-15 lbs per acre. Very short stature corn with low ear placement. Attractive to most wildlife. 

MOSSYOAK BIO-LOGIC SWEET CORN $5.00/lb. 15 lbs per acre. Plant May-early June with 200 lbs. per acre 46-0-0. Available by the bag as well– see our packaged mixes

GROUNDHOG RADISH $2.50/lb. 8-12 lbs in a mix, 5 lbs alone. Plant spring through summer. Grows quickly with large lush leaves and huge bulbs.

BUCKWHEAT $.80/lb, $40/50 lbs. 50-60 lbs per acre. Fast establishing cover crop. Excellent for replenishing nitrogen in the soil. Bee attractant.

MARIS KESTREL KALE $7.40/lb. Annual. 4-8  lbs per acre. A leafy hybrid brassica with short stems and high digestibility rate. Plant in spring for late-season high protein grazing for deer.